Sea, land and

Our sea and our landscape have a history as ancient as human life. It stems from centuries rich in arts and crafts, traditions, rites and customs. Our artistic heritage provides unique character to our land.


A sporty lagoon:
bikes, kayaks, walks

Cavallino Treporti is the only district in the Venice Lagoon with a strong bike friendly actitivity. By bike, you can cross magnificent scenarios, cultivated fields, embankments immersed in the northern lagoon. A territory not only lined with fishing valleys and vegetable gardens, but also with pine forests and dunes and even an open-air museum tour called the La Via Dei Forti, which is comprised of about 200 nineteenth-century military fortifications.

For lovers of water sports, it is also possible to explore the North Lagoon Park on board of kayaks or small boats. These lucky ones will have the opportunity to see white herons, swans and even pink flamingos.



The centre of quality shopping

Walking among the stalls of the Cavallino-Treporti markets is an opportunity to shop in the open air and to take home some typical local products. A moment of fun, also for the children, who will have fun instructing parents on what to buy.

A few kilometres from Venice, there is the Noventa di Piave Outlet, a unique “designer clothing” shopping centre accessible by car or shuttle, which offers the golden opportunity to shop for your favorite brands at reduced prices, all year round. With its free parking and children's play area and over 160 shops, it always has something special to offer everyone.



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