Sustainability report 2022

Enzo Stella Maris: Management for a sustainable holiday

Enzo Stella Maris campsite, one of Italy’s first five-star campsites, is a medium-sized site, which has been manged directly by the Enzo family for over 50 years through the company Turistica Gima S.r.l. It is situated on the coast of Cavallino Treporti, a very special town between the sea and the Venetian lagoon.

Enzo Stella Maris campsite, a perfect destination for lovers of outdoor holidays and ever characterised by a strong focus on international tourism, with mainly northern European guests, has always invested in social and ecological sustainability and made it the core business of the company, starting with the reduction of energy consumption, with accessibility and with respect for nature, landscape and the environment.

A large green space with a view of the sea, surrounded entirely by a lush pine forest and covered with natural diversity, conveys the image of comfortable, generous surroundings managed with care, dedication and passion.


Our 5 pillars of sustainable management

Convinced of the need to play our part, we wanted to establish a company policy in which we list our priorities, provide guests with tips for a sustainable holiday and at the same time make staff aware of best practice, so that they can offer the services needed for implementation of a sustainable hospitality concept. So, here are our 5 pillars of sustainability, which are reflected in everyday practice as solid personal and professional values.

  1. Environmental protection and love of nature: Our management is characterised by unconditional love of nature and by respect for ecosystems and natural habitats.
  2. Direct relationship with the customer: Relationships with our customers have always been a priority for us. Because of this, we have taken a range of actions to guarantee our guests an exclusive holiday and to meet their needs.
  3. Value enhancement of the destination and the region: Our campsite is part of the Cavallino Treporti “tourism park”, which in turn is part of the DMO (destination management organisation) plan, and it is therefore very active in the entire region for the promotion of tourist activities and what Cavallino Treporti has to offer.
  4. Staff involvement and training: The staff management policy takes into account the professional development of staff members, guarantees top standards in occupational health and safety and contributes to a participative and positive working environment.
  5. Integration and accessibility: One of the key aspects of our organisation has always been the integration of people with physical and very broadly motor difficulties.

Enzo Stella Maris campsite and social sustainability measures

We always consider the dimension of social sustainability and actively take initiatives with the aim of promoting local employment and social development of the community:

  • We undertake projects and campaigns that relate to the education, training, inclusion and health of individuals and to the community in the broadest sense;
  • The staff come from the local area, and absolute equal opportunities and professional development are guaranteed, regardless of gender, race, religion, disability and other aspects;
  • We advise guests on sustainability and common sense with regard to the efficient use of services;
  • The culinary provision of the restaurant is likewise based on local dishes and raw materials, which reflect the culinary tradition of Venice;
  • When choosing suppliers, we use local manpower within an area of up to 30 kilometres, and we have cooperation and support relationships with local craftspeople, e.g. such as joiners who produce bespoke furniture and woodwork by hand, as well as other local companies such as bike hire businesses;
  • We constantly maintain and clean up a further 8 hectares of land adjoining the campsite;
  • We undertake voluntary projects to repair the road surface in Via delle Batterie.

Value enhancement of the historic and cultural heritage

For many years, our campsite has contributed to the value enhancement of local sites of historic and cultural interest. It promotes cultural visits to the area, to maximise local benefit and increase visitor satisfaction.

The company promotes and (thanks to the management) integrates elements of the local culture in its facilities, its design and its range of dishes and wines, whilst fully respecting the intellectual property rights of the local communities.


Management of ecological sustainability: a 360° approach

Our procurement policy gives preference to the choice of environmentally friendly products. At all times, our sensitivity to the flora and fauna, which has always been one of our distinguishing features, has always given us an ecologically compatible focus and therefore led us to minimise our negative impact on the environment.

The protection of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes comes primarily from our family’s passion for nature. Because of this, the tourist provision of the campsite is not limited to offering high-quality camping services; rather, it aims to guarantee guests a completely relaxing holiday in touch with nature, in the context of complete relaxation and in an orderly, meandering and convenient architectural layout softened by the slight natural incline of the dunes, some of which have been deliberately preserved in their original condition.

Sustainability targets and commitment for the future

For 2023 and the following years, we will pursue the following targets:

  • Procurement of additional photovoltaic systems with the primary aim of ecological sustainability, to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources;
  • More certified suppliers with a sustainable outlook, raising awareness of the supply chain;
  • Reduction of the quantity of single-use plastics, in favour of reusable plastics, as well as further promotion of the circular economy and minimisation of waste;
  • Maximum possible reduction of the use and waste of paper, through full digitalisation of the structural organisation and management, e.g. through further implementation of parts of the app;
  • Water-saving targets, especially through activities to raise guest awareness of this topic;
  • Starting a project for the sale of products “Made in Cavallino”, with the aim of promoting the local handcraft culture and recognition of Cavallino Treporti as a brand, increasing recognition on both national and international level;
  • Reducing CO2, calculating the capture of emissions by tree species and defining corresponding offsetting targets.

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