Our campsite is the first sustainable 5-star campsite in Italy


We have always been characterized by an unconditional love for nature and respect for ecosystems and natural habitats. Our constant commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, to local cultural enhancement and to maximizing social and economic benefits for the community, has allowed us to be the first camping site in Italy to obtain the GSTC certification from the VIREO accredited body. 5 sustainable stars in Italy.

Sustainable for the future

The reasons for this recognition are explained in the recently released 2021 sustainability report, in which we talked about our commitment in terms of both environmental and social sustainability.

Sustainability is an important part of the company's main business, but our commitment is not limited only to paper! To achieve the objectives of the 17 SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals for sustainable development, we have established a few simple rules to be adopted for a responsible and respectful stay; for example the reduction of water waste, energy saving, the use of recyclable goods and the practice of a correct waste separation collection.

Sustainability, for us, is a 360° concept, which is why our offer is combined with respect for the most important basic values ​​of social life. Our campsite, wishes to be and is in fact a second home, welcoming and safe. This particular attention paid to the environment and to the person is among the factors of customer loyalty. The 5 pillars of sustainability, communicated in the report highlight this commitment and favoured the release of the certification.

Here they are described below:

1) Protection of the environment and love for nature;

2) A close relationship with the customer;

3) The enhancement of the destination and the territory;

4) The involvement and training of personnel;

5) Inclusion and accessibility.

You can find these and much more in the 2021 Sustainability report in the Sustainability section of our website.

“The concept of hospitality is interpreted, as well as being a real pillar of values ​​for us, in its broadest and most authentic sense - as a reciprocal giving and receiving, a generosity in welcoming and granting one's own space. It’s a real meeting point between consciences that every day gives a new opportunity to rediscover the relationship with new territories and new people” - Mattia Enzo, Camping Enzo Stella Maris


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